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About QuitTime

QuitTime is a Windows quitmeter that shows you how long you've been smoke-free, how many cigarettes you haven't smoked, how much money you've saved and how much longer you might live by not smoking.

When you minimize QuitTime, this information can be displayed on the Windows Taskbar so you can see at a glance the progress you've made. You can also paste this information into any Windows editor to let other people know how great you're doing!

Download QuitTime 1.1.1 (Windows, Freeware, Self-Extracting Archive, 832 KB)

QuitTime has several features which I think make it the best quitmeter available:


You can insert your quit information into any Windows editor with a single keystroke. No need to find the quitmeter, use its Copy function, go back to your editor, then use its Paste function. One keystroke (which you can choose yourself) does it all.

*Customize pasted information and minimized window title

You can change how QuitTime pastes information into other programs and what's displayed on the taskbar. You can use multiple lines, change the wording, leave out some information, add other information, include your email, Web site or any other text you want. Or you can just use QuitTime's defaults.

For example, when you first quit, you may want to see every minute of smobriety on the Taskbar. After you've got a few W's or M's under your belt, you may want to use this space to see how much longer you might live from not smoking.

Screenshot of Customize dialog

*Waking time is used to determine cigarettes not smoked

If you used to smoke a cigarette every half hour, you want to see the number of cigarettes not smoked tick over every half hour! Simply dividing cigarettes smoked per day over 24 hours doesn't do this. Not too many people smoke when they're asleep.

*Life saved calculation

Based on a conservative estimate of five minutes of life saved for every cigarette not smoked, QuitTime lets you know how much longer you might live by not smoking. You can display this information on the Taskbar and/or include it in pasted quit information.

*Full install and uninstall support

*Full context sensitive help


Seeing the progress of your quit at a glance is a great motivator to stay quit. I don't know who first came up with this idea, but anyone who uses a quitmeter owes him or her a great debt.

The first quitmeter I saw was Richard M. Geis's Quitometer (unfortunately, the previous link I had seems to have gone dead). Many people on the wonderful newsgroup alt.support.stop-smoking have quit smoking using Richard's program.

I also want to acknowledge David F. Probert, with whom I've exchanged a lot of ideas and who graciously let me use the name QuitTime. Dave's SilkQuit meter is even more customizable than QuitTime.

Check out Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking (AS3) Newsgroup: Web Site & Archives for an excellent source of information and links about quitting smoking.

QuitTime is freeware. If it helps you quit smoking, that's all the payment I require.


7-Jul-08 Moved to a Unix server. QuitTime was unavailable for a couple of months.
7-Dec-03 I replaced the main screenshot (from 1998) with my own.
1-Mar-03 I edited this page to update the supported operating systems and to remove the "beta" title from the program. QuitTime itself hasn't changed since 1998.